is proud to offer class leading pnuematic pile driving hammers for the Marine construction industry. 4 Pile driving hammers are available for your different needs. All Hammers use a pair of pnuematic air cylinders with Stainless Steel rods with our smallest Diameter rod is 3/4" round. All of our hammers have a sound dampening pad that eliminates the earpiercing sound of metal hitting together. Your employee's and customers will also appreciate the sound reduction. They are also the safest hammer available thanks to the protective sides that keep anything from getting crushed in the hammer along with keeping its vital components safe while its swinging in the air. These units will set on their own and not roll off your barge. We recomend 26 CFM at Minimum of 50 PSI continous. Some customers have run them on 12 CFM. They will just run slower at less CFM. 100 PSI is Max air pressure. Here is a list of hammers provided by

    (1). Claw Hammer #12  is our most popular size pnuematic pile driving hammer. It can handle a piling with Diameters of 12" Max to 9" with using the Patent Pending ( CLAW ). When activated the Claws will apply up to 5000 LBS of pressure securely grabbing the wood piling. As a result of the grip the piling and the hammer are as one. When the hammer hits 100% of the force is directly applied to the piling. No more hammer bouncing around or tipping to the side due to piling sizes. There are 2 models of the Claw Hammer # 12. Our standard heavy hitter Claw Hammer # 12-10 has a 1000 lbs hammer weight and Gross of 1450 LBS. Claw Hammer # 12-7 has a 700 lbs hammer weight and gross of 1150 lbs. The Claw Hammer #12 is rated at lifting a 600lbs wood piling with a diamter between 12"-9".

   (2) Mini Claw Hammer # 10-5 will work with a 10"-6" Piling. The hammer weight is 500 lbs

   (3) Big Pounding Hammer that will accept up to 15" Pilings. Hammer weights starting at 1000 lbs and up. No Claw with this Hammer.

All Hammers have a 30 Day parts warrenty. If you are in the industry you know the beating these hammers take. The shock load will eventually break items. Daily checks are important to make sure no items are loose. We have had good positive words from owners about the durability of our hammers. We have heard many reports of other manufacturers with control valve problems constantly and a lot of down time. We stock all the parts on our shelves in case of a failure. We just want to be up front with the customer.