BargeGuy is producing one of the toughest Marine Drilling sytems in the country. Built from high grade Marine Grade Aluminum and Stainless Steel componants these units are made to last. Mounting these units on to your barge can be done in minutes with our simple attaching points. This unit can be used on almost any barge or boat in shallow water applications. We specialize in Dock Building equipment. The MAX 1 will drill a 12" hole 12 FT deep in 8 Ft of water. The Max 1 system allows the mast to be lowered down to the sea bottom. By doing this you have a more accurate hole location. Once you have located the bottom simply start drilling with our powerfull PRO-DIG Drive systems and Augers. RGO is a proud distributor of Pro-Dig products. We are a one stop shop and will also provide you a Marine Grade Hydraulic Pack to power the Max 1. Videos coming soon.