At Repair Guy One we build quality well thought out products that have come from many discussions from the hard working dock and sea wall company's in the area. We build Galvanized drop hammers with Stainless Steel rings on the bottom that save your piling wrappings. Home of the only Claw grabbing pnuematic hammer combanation that is compact and reliable. Hydraulic power packs built with Aluminum frames and tanks to disperse heat and never rust. Sea wall jacks are available by request. We can install a new crane on your old barge or convert it to hydraulic spuds.


  1. Class leading ALL Aluminum hydraulic power packs. These units are easily adapted to your needs. From 5 HP to 200 HP our engineers will design and give you the best options. Yes options, you have choices with Repair Guy One LLC.
  2. The Claw hammer is the latest time saving tool we have mastered. Imagine being able to lift a 12" piling in the air and set it in place and start pounding it into the ground in one move. Our Claw hammer does that exactly along with the hardest, quitest and safest hitting hammer in its class.
  3. Solid Galvanized drop hammers are available with your choice of gross weight.
  4. Sea Wall jacks of all sizes are available.
  5. Barges, Barges and Barges.
  6. Coming Fall of 2019 Aluminum leased barges.