Repair Guy One LLC warranty claim.

All barges are under a one year workmanship warranty. This includes cracked welds and workmanship. All winches, hydraulic components, engines and any other parts RGO does not waranty. All purchased items have their own warranty's and RGO will help with any warranty's that arise. Any and All warranty work, labor, must be performed at 614 Pinellas St, Clearwater Fl, 33756. All build times are estimated times and RGO will not be help monitarily for any expenses occured due to delays. RGO can not be held liable for delays from suppliers inventory or shipping issues. RGO claw hammer has a 30 day parts warranty not including labor. In 30 days from purchase we will waranty mechanical parts. These hammers hit so hard parts will eventually fail. Other companies offer NO warranty on their hammers.